Wilson Phillips Gets A Reality TV Show: Anticipation Vs. Reality

When we heard ’90s sisterly girl group Wilson Phillips was somehow gifted a reality TV show by the TV Guide Network — tentatively titled “The Wilson Phillips Project” — we were stoked. Really stoked. But then we realized that our expectations of what an awesome show this could potentially be would most likely never be met. That’s because reality TV producers probably think viewers want to see lots of shots of Carnie Wilson talking about her weight struggles and fighting with her thinner, more boring sister. They probably also think we want to see Chynna Phillips deal with her ever-exploding family drama (mom and are Michelle and John Phillips, from the Mamas and the Papas, and sis is Mackenzie Phillips). But what we really want to see? The three women in vests. On a mountain top. Belting out “Hold On.” [NYMag.com]

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