The Good, The Bad & The WTF: A Belated Bite Of “True Blood”

Behold, my thoughts on Sunday night’s “True Blood.” Why so late, you ask? Well, the long weekend got a little wonky on me. Because Sunday night felt like Saturday, I forgot to watch it and next thing I knew it was Monday and I was behind on “Bachelor Pad.” But, last night, I finally caught up with Sookie, Eric and the crew. And overall, I felt a little … let down.

After the jump, the good, the bad, and the WTF moments of this week’s episode. I can’t believe that this Sunday brings the finale. It really feels like this should only be the halfway mark. The Good:

  • Pam’s line outside Moon Goddess Emporium. “Can we blow up these Wiccan dips**ts already? I’ve got a mani/pedi at 4.”

  • But Jason stops the vampires from blazing in. I liked that he arrived just in the nick of time and warned them that Sookie was inside. When they all start saying “f**king Sookie” for assorted reasons, he puts them all in their place. Go Jason!
  • Alcide standing next to Sam while they hunt down Marcus. Joe Manganiello is easily twice Sam Trammell’s size. Hot!
  • Andy Bellefleur sees a faerie in the woods. And after they do an E.T. light-up finger thing, they have sex. This scene was funny, and I’m just glad that the faeries are coming back. I was worried that was a plot strand that was never coming back.
  • Sookie breaks Marnie’s spell. It was laboriously shown to us in an early scene that Marni had harnessed the sun’s power for the protective shield she made around Moon Goddess Emporium, and thus it was deadly to vampires. And so it was supposed to be all dramatic when Marni gathered her troops (against their will) and had them compel the vampires to move toward the shield. Luckily, Sookie put an end to the whole lame scene by lightbombing the spell.
  • Jessica and Jason. Yay! These two aren’t over. When Jason gets severely burned, Jessica saves him. And he admits he has feelings for her.
  • Jesus saves the day. Sure homedude may have gotten a little cloying this season, but I like that he is always calm in the clutch. He used Casey’s blood to try to split Marni from Antonia after Sookie knocked her down. And it worked! Go Jesus.

The Bad:

  • Marni kills Casey. I was not impressed when Marni telepathed a knife into Casey’s stomach. It rings so inauthentic to me that blubbering Marni would straight up kill someone.
  • Marni’s motivation for killing the vamps and whatever people are needed in the process. Which leads us to a few minutes later, when Marni explains why this is so important to her—she’s always felt like an outcast and just wants to fit in. Please. This villain is so not scary to me. I’m still pining for Marianne of season two.
  • Marcus kidnaps his daughter and wants Debbie to be her mom. Really, why would this woman be so stupid as to cheat on Alcide?
  • Bill and Eric agree to kill themselves in exchange for Sookie’s release. I know it was supposed to show the level of their devotion, but this rang so false, too. These guys have lived for hundreds of years—they don’t just up and agree to kill themselves. Plus, Sookie wasn’t really in any danger here. Please tell me that they were just setting up a plan we didn’t get to see, because that was wack.
  • Pam fires on Marni and Sookie. But because of the protection shield, ends up scalding her own and Jason.
  • As soon as Jesus splits Marni from Bill, he riddles her with bullets. What’s up with the “Matrix” feel of this episode?

The WTF:

  • All of the reflection-in-blood shots. Arty, yes. Also, yuck.
  • Eric in the final scene. Oh man, I miss nice Eric. Because I was a little grossed out when he ripped out that guy’s heart and then used his aorta as a straw.
  • Marni isn’t dead after all. The final image of last night’s episode was Marni floating over Lafayette and Jesus’s bed and entering Lafayette’s body. I guess this means we’ll have to deal with her again next week, too.

Yeah, so I am a little let down with this season so far. What do you think? Here’s hoping that the finale will raise the stakes and brings things to a satisfying conclusion.