Meet Our New BFF, Nancy Upton, The Girl To Beat In American Apparel’s Plus-Size Model Contest

We’ve been only marginally interested in American Apparel’s plus-size model contest, which is open until Sept. 8 for bootylicious gals ages 18+. American Apparel is literally in the news every other week for some douchebaggy behavior, so I’m not keen to fawn all over them.

However, if this contest vaults our new best friend Nancy Upton to nationwide fame —or even just Internet-fame — it will have been worth it. Nancy had a friend take some … unusual … pictures of herself to submit to the American Apparel plus-size model contest and she’s currently leading the pack at #1! Take a gander at Nancy’s awesomeness after the jump:Having a sensuous moment with a pie here:

I’m quite partial to the one where she’s lying on a bed of lettuce leaves with an apple in her mouth:

You can check out more subversively fabulous pics of Nancy Upton on her Tumblr blog, Extra Wiggle Room.

And if you’re so inclined, you can vote to keep Nancy Upton in the #1 spot right here. Best wishes, doll, and thanks to your friend Elizabeth for sending this to us!

[American Apparel: XL Model Search]

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