Morning Quickies: Vera Wang To Knockoff Kardashian Wedding Dress

  • Vera Wang is knocking off two of the three wedding dresses she designed for Kim Kardashian for Davids Bridal, available this February. Could you imagine getting married in a dress that was a knockoff of a celeb gown? [Styleite]
  • Beyoncé celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend on a yacht in Italy with Gwyneth Paltrow and Erykah Badu. [TMZ]
  • Lauren Bush married Dylan Lauren this weekend, so her name is now Lauren Lauren. Silly rich people. [People]

  • Pint-sized style blogger Tavi Gevinson launched her new online magazine Style Rookie yesterday. Let’s see what she has to say for herself. []
  • Jessica Szohr is gone from “Gossip Girl” and now starring in a werewolf movie. Career boost? [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred? Is holding a dance? With transgender people? Or something? To draw attention to people hating on Chaz Bono for being on “Dancing With The Stars”? Or something? I don’t understand this at all. [TMZ]

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