Evening Quickies: Watch Zooey Deschanel’s Show “The New Girl” Free On iTunes!

  • Zooey Deschanel’s new show “The New Girl” is available for free on iTunes beginning today and will be available free on Fox.com and Hulu beginning on Sept. 13. The show doesn’t appear on actual TV until Sept. 20. [Hollywood Reporter]

  • Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, a new item? The pair were photographed kissing and cuddling in Disneyland on Saturday night. Amelia has magnanimously said she just wants him to be happy. (But really, she’s dying inside.) [US Weekly]
  • Amy Winehouse’s parents and boyfriend will speak publicly for the first time since her death on Anderson Cooper’s new daytime TV show, “Anderson,” on Sept. 12. [Twitter.com/AndersonCooper]
  • I dunno, commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with deep thoughts from Lady Gaga and Pauly from “Jersey Shore” doesn’t seem especially tasteful. [MTV.com]

  • “People who don’t have gender dysphoria aren’t going to catch it by watching me dance on television.” Well put, Chaz Bono. Everyone needs to chill the eff out about “Dancing With The Stars,” for real. [Think Progress]
  • Watch Lauryn Hill and Pras reunite on the Rock The Bells tour. [PopDust]
  • Cheyenne Jackson of “30 Rock” married his longtime boyfriend Monte Lapka in the Hamptons this weekend, now that gay marriage is legal in New York State. Congratulations! [Queerty]
  • Check out the poster for Diablo Cody’s new movie, “Young Adult,” starring Charlize Theron as a failed YA author who moves back to her hometown to stalk her ex-boyfriend. Sounds funny. [Crushable]
  • Billie Joe Armstrong was apparently kicked off a JetBlue flight because his “pants sagged too low!” And JetBlue has issued an apology about this. [People]
  • Ever noticed that Emma Stone and Mina Kunis have almost the exact same bone structure in their face? [Crushable]

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