She Said/She Said: How Involved Is Too Involved In Your Significant Other’s Work Life?

The Grindstone | September 5, 2011 - 1:30 pm

Should your significant other leave his or her work issues at the office, or should there be space for it at home? And at what point is too involved in his or her work life? The Gloss‘ Jennifer Wright and The Grindstone’s Amanda Chatel discuss, as well as address the fundamental flaws about the TV series “Lassie.”Jennifer: I guess when it comes to your significant other and career it seems like you’re either expected to be a sounding board they can work out problems with, or else, just a somewhat removed support system. Obviously it depends on the relationship, but which one do you prefer to be? Does one bode better for the relationship than another?

Amanda: I’m definitely the sounding board type. Read more…