Today In Terribleness: Kids, Dad Gang Up To Sue Mom For “Bad Mothering”

Michael Lohan ain’t got nothing on Kimberly Garrity in the bad parenting department. The many grave and terrifying abuses inflicted upon her children include a sending a birthday card without money inside, failing to send care packages to her son at college, and calling her daughter at midnight on Homecoming to tell her to come home. She even forced one of her kids to wear a seat belt.

Clearly you can understand why her two children, Steven, 23, and Kathryn, 20, sued Garrity for $50,000 citing “bad mothering.” The children filed a lawsuit against Garrity with their father, Steven A. Miner, in 2009. Miner and his ex-wife divorced in 1995 after a decade of marriage. According to Garrity’s lawyer, this frivolous lawsuit was all about payback for the divorce and humiliating his ex-wife by making it look like her own children hate her. (Is it just me or does this sound like something Michael Lohan would do?) As if psychological manipulation is not f**ked up enough, Miner is a lawyer and is offering his legal services for free along with hiring two additional lawyers. On top of humiliating their mother and his ex-wife, the delightful Miner family also seems to be trying to bankrupt her with legal bills.

Fortunately, the judge presiding over the case has dismissed the lawsuit, making Garrity free again to send birthday cards and insist on good automobile-riding safety. Garrity has magnanimously claimed she still loves her children, even after this foolishness. Damn, those family reunions are going to be awkward.

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