Style 911: “Help Me Find Something To Wear With This Taupe Blazer!”

A few years ago I bought my wardrobe for my first office job and was struggling with what constituted “business casual”. Among other missteps, I bought a rather expensive, taupe, suede blazer from Anne Taylor Loft. I thought it would be super versatile but in the four years I’ve had it I have yet to find a single outfit it looks right with, I think because of the color’s so light. I’m going through my wardrobe and either trying to sell or donate everything that doesn’t work, but it seems like a shame to sell this blazer for so much less than what I paid for it when I never even wore it once. Any ideas?–Leah

Ooh, taupe is a hard color. Why do they make things in taupe, anyway? It’s admirable that you’re trying to make this jacket work, it really is. My advice? Pair it with something of an even lighter color and then accent with darker accessories. Check out a few options after the jump!

style 911 suggestions
  • Wyatt Rachel Hi-Lo Hem Dress, $89.99
  • Jessica Simpson Taupe Heels, $89
  • Tart Belle Top, $66
  • Celebrity Pink Jeans, $34
  • Ginny Sandals, $89.95