Kris Humphries And Ray J: Their Imagined Conversation On An Airplane

Now this is majorly awkies. A week after Kris Humphries tied the knot with Kim Kardashian, he ended up a flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans on Sunday with none other than Ray J, Kim’s ex. More specifically, the ex with whom she recorded the sex tape which made her famous and that an anonymous bidder purchased this week so that it would no longer be available online. As Page Six reports, the two guys ended up across the aisle from each other in first class. After a few minutes of silence, Kris moved to another seat. A few minutes later, Ray J walked up to him and congratulated him on his recent nuptials.

After the jump, we imagine how this conversation went.Ray J: Hey.

Kris: Hey.

Ray J: You’re pretty tall, dude. Next time, you should make sure to ask for an exit row seat. There’s more room.

Kris: Thanks, man. Nice ice.

Ray J: Yeah … So I wanted to say congratulations on sealing the deal with my girl Kim.

Kris: Thanks. The wedding was crazy … And congratulations on getting your 15 minutes by exploiting my wife.

Ray J: Ah, man. I didn’t release that tape. I have no idea how it got out there. But you should see my tapes with Lil’ Kim and Whitney Houston.

Kris: No thanks. Can I eat my peanuts in peace now?

Ray J: [Walks away]

Kris: Oh, hey, can I ask one question? Where did you get that black scroll bed? It’s nice.

Ray : Crate and Barrel, dude. Crate and Barrel.

I bet the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”‘s crew is horrified that they missed this one.

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