Evening Quickies: Four-Year-Old Girl Channels Dolly Parton On “Toddlers & Tiaras”

  • What is there to say, really, about a four-year-old girl wearing a padded bra and butt pads while she channels Dolly Parton on “Toddlers & Tiaras”? Her mother wore the same costume as a kid when she competed in pageants and obviously that’s why she thinks sexualizing her four-year-old is A-OK. Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall. [Styleite]
  • Rachel Zoe is talking smack about Brad Goreski, claiming he “used” her and tried to steal her clients after he quit. Ugh, sounds like a Taylor Jacobson redux. I’m just going to tune out. [ONTD]
  • There’s oh-so-many things wrong with this 9/11 memorial coloring book called We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom. [The Week]
  • I’m planning to stalk Jude Law, pounce on him, and shave off that terrible beard. Who’s with me? (Pitchforks and torches discouraged; condoms encouraged.) [Celebuzz]

  • A checklist and pathetic and/or liberating experiences for single people. [Thought Catalog]
  • Lady Gaga’s lashed out at The New York Times’s style critic Cathy Hornyn for criticizing her loopy fashion. [V Magazine]
  • The stylist Anna Della Russo put tape on the eyes of model Crystal Renn to make her look “more Asian” for a photoshoot. Tasteless. [Styleite]
  • Unlikely sexual fetishes about otherwise boring things. [BuzzFeed]
  • The CEO of Domino’s in Japan announced the chain will open an outlet on the moon, for some reason. [AdAge]

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