You’re Wasting Water By Shaving Your Legs, Ladies

Who is to blame for Mother Earth’s metastasizing environmental crisis? Women, of course. Are we tossing out too many sanitary napkins? Drinking too many lattes in cardboard cups? Well, yes, but this is more serious. Us ladies are “wasting” billions of liters of water every year leaving the water running while we shave our legs. According to a survey by the UK water company Thames Water, a third of women leave the water running while we shave our legs in the shower, which amounts to enough “wasted” water every year to supply London with acqua for 25 days.
I do not disagree that folks waste a lot of water, especially while brushing their teeth. But I fail to see why Thames Water’s survey interpreted their data to put the burden straight on the ladies when we aren’t the only ones who use water for shaving. With the exception of dudes rocking a sweet Galifianakis beard, most dudes shave their face anywhere from a few times a week to twice a day. I’ve met quite a few dudes who shave their chest hair off regularly, too. Depending on the woman and the time of year, I’d reckon we shave about as much but probably less than men do. As far as I can tell, men don’t turn off their faucets with any more frequency.

We should all use less water: we should be more prudent brushing our teeth, washing our dishes, showering, flushing our toilets (if it’s yellow, let it mellow!), and yes, even shaving. But that “we” means men and women. [Thames Water UK]

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