Your Facebooking Is Ruining The Economy, FYI

You think composing pithy Facebook status updates and slyly stalking your exes via the social networking site isn’t bothering anybody, right? Well, you’re wrong. Your Facebook usage is ruining the economy. Just ask Michael Fitzpatrick, an analyst at ConnectSolutions who discovered the huge toll Facebook has taken on our productivity and general will to live (am I right, guys?). According to Mr. Fitzpatrick, the average worker spends around seven minutes a day on Facebook (this number seems astronomically low to us). And if you multiply that times the roughly 48 million Internet-connected working people in the U.S., that’s around 336,000,000 wasted minutes per day, around the country. In the course of the day, that’s costing businesses $140 million, and annually, it adds up to $280 billion dollars in lost productivity. That’s a lot of widgets we’re not making while checking our status updates instead.

Well, at least we’re not hanging out on Myspace. That would truly be a waste of time. []