Lady Gaga Might Have Worn A Prosthetic Penis As Jo Calderone

Did you take a close look at Lady Gaga’s groin area at the VMAs, when she appeared all night as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone? According to Us Weekly, if you had, you might have noticed a little somethin’ somethin’ down there. (And no, this isn’t a rehash of the rumor from 2009 that Gaga is a hermaphrodite.) According to the mag, Lady Gaga put on fake sideburns and fake stubble to make herself look more convincing, and also sported a prosthetic penis to help her get into character. While I still think her appearance totally bombed, this makes me slightly more interested.

Something that doesn’t?The fact the Gaga didn’t ditch her Jo persona backstage. “I am from New Jersey,” she told a reporter backstage. “My family is from Palermo, Sicily and I am not a singer or a model or an actor or anything. I am just a guy.” Ugh. That’s almost as lame as when she said on stage, “[Britney Spears] is f***ing hot. Didn’t you j*** off to Britney when you were a kid?” Too much.

[Us Weekly]

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