Jaleel White: 8 Career Suggestions For Him

We were a little too excited earlier this month when Cee Lo Green premiered his amazing video for “Cry Baby” and it starred Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel from “Family Matters.” And Jaleel is doing the right thing by capitalizing on his moment. He has apparently signed on to star in the season premiere of “House.” His role is perhaps the polar opposite of what he’s known for—he will be playing an inmate in prison alongside Hugh Laurie. Well, at least he’s not a patient with a terminal disease? [Zap2It]

But Jaleel shouldn’t stop at “House.” After the jump, some thing Jaleel should do now to secure his second coming.

  1. Launch a cheese company.
  2. Record a rap album a la Drake, who was once known as Jimmy on “Degrassi.” Only the accordion should figure heavily on each track, naturally.
  3. Or Jaleel could use Neil Patrick Harris as a model, and do a cameo as himself—only raunchier—in a hot comedy franchise, just like Neil did in “Harold & Kumar.” It’ll ingratiate him to the ironic set and translate into prime TV roles.
  4. Start dating the actress who played Laura Winslow in real life.
  5. Lisa Kudrow had success bringing “Web Thearpy” from the internet to Showtime. Jaleel show court HBO and try to sell his web series, “Fake It Til You Make It,” which he produced as well as stars in.
  6. Make a sex tape. As Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton prove, it can lead to a reality show.
  7. Take a page from James Franco and go for some performance art. He should become Steve Urkel’s sexy alter ego, Stephan, permanently.
  8. Make a line of designer suspenders.

Are you glad Jaleel is back?

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