The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “Bachelor Pad” Puckers Up

Last night’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” contained kissing, kissing, and some more kissing. So who locked lips because it was part of the game and who made out because their hormones were raging? Find out after the jump when I recount last night’s good, bad, and WTF moments. And of course, SPOILER ALERT. The Good:

  • Michael realizes he still loves Holly. I am so touched by how sincere Michael is in his feelings for Holly. He says the sweetest things about her throughout the episode and, when she kisses him during the kissing contest, he actually does a little dance. I also like that when she and Blake gravitate toward each other, Michael doesn’t give up. Instead, she makes his own sorta-date with Holly on rose ceremony night. I hope she sees the light and stays with him.
  • Kirk and Ella, sitting in a tree. These two are gorgeous, but have both always seemed a little cardboard to me. So it was nice to hear them open up about their lives. Man, they have both been through so much! Especially Ella. Apparently, her stepfather shot her mother at point blank range right in front of her. Sheesh. And then this couple’s kiss in the hot air balloon? Sexy.
  • Blake and Holly skiing. Okay, fine. These two were pretty adorable on their skiing date, laughing hard since Holly is possibly the worst skier of all time. “I’ve never had a better date, ever. I think I like Blake from the moment I saw him,” said Holly. Blake was equally emphatic. “I’m totally enamored with this girl. I’ve never met anyone like her in my whole life. I could actually see myself with this girl.” Cute, even though I wish they weren’t so into each other.
  • Melissa and William go home. Finally! Melissa made a total fool of herself on the show and William was just boring.
  • Michelle is the voice of reason. I loved how the last minute of the show was a voice-over from Michelle explaining truths like, “People will stab you in the back. That is the game of ‘Bachelor Pad’.”

The Bad:

  • Kasey stays. Really, “Bachelor Pad?” That was the cliffhanger? Last episode cut to black right after Chris Harrison said the word “Kasey,” so I assumed there had to be more to his statement like, “Kasey … please pack your bags.” But nope, there was no twist—Jake is in fact out. Lame.
  • The couples opt out of the kissing contest, and then participate anyway. As soon as Chris Harrison explains the challenge, Kasey and Vienna and Michelle and Graham are all, “Nope, not kissing anyone.” Vienna waxes on and on about how disgusting this challenge is and how she won’t lower herself to it. And then a few minutes later, does it anyway. In fact, Michelle is the only one of the four who stuck to her guns, saying she’s opting out because she wants to set a good example for her daughter.
  • Blake in the kissing contest. I hated how cocky he was. And that he groped everyone’s teeth with his tongue.
  • Ella’s commentary on Blake’s kiss. “That was a baby making kiss.” Ewww. The only thing worse was Holly saying that when she kissed Michael, it was comfortable, but when she kissed Blake, she didn’t want to stop. Noooo! Wrong guy.
  • Melissa is so delusional. During the kissing contest, she said, “Blake still has feelings for me. It’s so obvious.” Uh, no it’s not crazy lady. She then went on to assume that he was taking her on his one-on-one date and giving her the rose. Homegirl is nuts.
  • Melissa turning on Holly. As soon as Blake invites Holly on the date instead of her, Melissa lashes out at Holly calling her a slut and worse. Hey, stop the girl-on-girl hate, Melissa. Blame Blake!
  • The long diatribes of Michael missing Holly while she is having a ball on her date with Blake. So heart-crushing. And yet, the producers could not have written better drama.

The WTF:

  • Erica Rose touting her restylane lips again. Does she really think her mega fake lips are attractive? Man, she is a sloppy kisser.
  • Kasey’s bad breath. Gross, brush your teeth, dude. People who are not your girlfriend cannot handle your morning breath.
  • Wait, Erica Rose is a law student? May she never represent me in court.
  • Why are all the guys so enamored with Holly? She just doesn’t seem like she’s all that. Similarly, why are all the girls ga-ga over Blake? He’s boring, way manipulative, and a dentist.
  • Erica Rose and Michelle try to get Ella to kiss them. To see why she won the kissing contest. Leave the girl alone!

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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