Middle Children Don’t Have It As Bad As We Thought

It appears that Jan Brady may have given middle children a bad rep. According to a new book, The Secret Power of Middle Children, they aren’t perpetually complaining about being known at school as Marcia’s younger sister and Cindy’s older sister. No, in fact author Catherine Salmon says there’s rarely “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” issues at all. Salmon argues that middle children actually have the best place in the birth order, because they are given more leeway than their older siblings and are less coddled than their younger siblings. As a result, Salmon says that middle children tend to develop independence and creativity, plus the diplomacy skills to be leaders in business and politics. In fact, Salmon notes that 52 percent of presidents are middle children. I’m guessing if you’re a middle child, you’ll be all, “Told you so” about this news. And if you were born first or last, or happen to be an only child, you’ll probably roll your eyes a little bit. I think we can all guess where Salmon falls in her family’s birth order. [Newser]Want to contact the writer of this post? {encode=”[email protected]” title=”Email her”}!