Today’s Lady News: Jay-Z Wouldn’t Clap For Chris Brown At VMAs

  • Jay-Z wouldn’t clap for Chris Brown when he performed at last night’s VMAs, presumably because he discovered Rihanna. Now that’s a strong statement right there. Go you, Jay. [TMZ]
  • Today in “no duh” news: elderly women with a more active sex life report a higher quality of life and age more gracefully. Stay tuned while scientists study whether calling your grandma makes her happy. [U.S. News & World Reports]
  • What a kickass idea: a new cooking school called Culture Kitchen in California focuses on ethnic cuisine and classes are taught by immigrant women from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand. [Los Angeles Times]

  • The 83 rape crisis centers across Texas are “woefully underfunded” and need more money to offer services, according to a study by the University of Texas. [Statesman via Hay Ladies!]
  • The New York Times is concerned that college-aged women dress like sluts. [New York Times]
  • Yet another critique of the racial politics of “The Help.” [The Atlantic Wire]


  • Shaking up the UK’s abortion laws by requiring women to be meet “independent” counselors before terminating a pregnancy will set the country back 25 years, says the head of the Royal College of General Practitioners. [Guardian UK]
  • Meet Camila Vallejo, a 23-year-old who is spearheading a movement for cheaper education in Chile. [BuzzFeed]

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