The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The Witch/Vampire War Escalates On “True Blood”

What the heck? There are only two more episodes left in this season of “True Blood.” This season has really flown by, and yet—I don’t feel nearly as engaged in the plotline as I have in seasons past. Something about Marni/Antonia as the big bad just doesn’t seem that dire to me compared to, say, the mysteriously eerie Marianne of season two. But perhaps that is just me? After the jump, the good, bad, and WTF moments of last night’s episode. And of course, SPOILER ALERT.The Good:

  • Sookie breaks Eric’s spell. When Eric is about to stake Bill, Sookie throws one of her lightening ball things at him. Suddenly, Eric remembers everything, including the past few weeks with Sookie.
  • Nan’s response to Sookie throwing the light ball. She said to Bill, “What’s the deal with your dairy maid and her light trick?”
  • Eric is still sweet even though he has his memory back. He clearly is actually in love with Sookie. He even reacts reasonably well when Sookie tells him she wouldn’t want to live in a world without Bill in it, and that she never promised she was his.
  • Pam’s face is fixed. Yay!
  • Jessica’s response to Jason wanting her to glamour him after they have sex. “F***ing humans! I’m gonna go find me someone to eat.” Atta girl.
  • Hoyt is actually broken up about he and Jessica’s breakup. The Hoyt I know was all about Jessica. So I didn’t like that his response to their breakup has been anger and saying all sorts of nasty things about his former girlfriend. Last night, he showed his softer side, crying to Jason about missing Jessica coming out of her cubby and looking all “cute and tired.” Aww.
  • Terry takes Andy Bellefleur to the shooting range. And talks him into quitting V. Sweet!
  • The cover of “Burning Down the House” when the vampires roll up to Moon Goddess. A little over the top, but kind of cool.

The Bad:

  • The Festival of Tolerance gets bloody. As we expected, when Marni/Antonia shows up and compels her vampire puppets to disembowel some guards, things turn into a blood bath. Antonia realizes that she’s killed innocent people and steps out of Marni’s body.
  • Marni is the one in control. Until now, we assumed that mad-as-hell Antonia was calling the shots. Since she was raped by a vampire and burned at the stake, it made sense why she would be so hell-bent on destruction. But last night, it was revealed that it’s Marni who is in charge while Antonia wants out. What exactly is Marni’s motivation to become a mass murderer? That people make fun of her store?
  • Tommy’s projectile blood. Just kill him already. We have never been interested in this character.
  • Bill wants to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium. Only problem—Tara and a bunch of others are trapped in there thanks to Marni/Antonia’s spell.
  • Jesus’ plan to free Marni from Antonia fails. In the aftermath, Marni/Antonia teleports him, Lafayette, and Sookie—plus Tara and Holly who have just escaped—back inside Moon Gooddess Emporium. Which Bill and his crew are about to raze it.

The WTF:

  • Jason puts on a leather jacket over his bare chest. That’s a look.
  • Debbie is thinking of cheating on Alcide. With that gross pack leader? You have a Porsche, honey, no need to test drive the Hyundai.
  • The vampires’ wardrobe as they roll up to Moon Goddess. Really, black leather? How “Blade” of them. Also, do they really need guns and rocket launchers?

What did you think of last night’s epsiode?

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