Cuddle Comfortably With The Modular Love Mattress

Last night, I was chatting on the phone with a handsome and extremely tall (ahem, 6’7, and it’s niceeee) fella — let’s call him “The Tree” — I’m exploring a romantic connection with (this is my complicated way of saying “I haz a big ol’ crush on a giant and he has a crush on me too!”) when he mentioned something about not usually being a big cuddler. I, on the other hand, love nothing more than to have my limbs intertwined with another’s, so I was perplexed. “But why?” I asked. “Well, it’s not that I don’t like it. I do, but I can’t cuddle all night,” The Tree explained. “Because I’m so tall, it’s already hard enough for me to get comfortable in a regular-sized bed. Cuddling just adds to the discomfort because my arm ends up falling asleep. So, I generally avoid it.” In other words, if I want to cuddle The Tree someday, I’ll need to invent a pill or a new cuddling position that prevents his branch, I mean, arm from falling asleep.

I was just about to put that on my To Do List, when I came across this divine new invention which has rather cosmically solved by problem: the Modular Love Mattress, designed especially for cuddly couples. The brilliantly design “comfort gap” allows for arms and limbs to slide comfortably under your partner’s body, so you can cuddle without cutting off your circulation. Genius! Now, where do I buy? [Dornob via How About We]