10 Things That Shocked Me About Lands’ End Canvas

The other day my friend Niki said, “Hey do you know about Lands’ End Canvas? They have really cute things.” and then the next few minutes played out like a really contrived commercial. I tilted my head to one side and said, “Lands’ End? Cute? I hiiiiiiighly doubt that.” But Niki insisted, and then showed me some pieces on the website. After ensuring that she wasn’t a Lands’ End promoter in disguise, I was pretty shocked by what I saw. Here’s why… 1. The stuff is cute.

2. Like, really cute. And have I mentioned this is Lands’ End? Home of my mom’s favorite floor-length polo shirt dress circa 1992?

3. The word “Canvas” in this context actually has little to do with canvas (I assumed it was an umbrella term for a specialty line of tote bags and heavy duty camping supplies). Turns out it’s actually a new(ish) collection of preppy clothes for young professionals, featuring all kinds of materials!

4. This is the dress I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Perfection.

5. Judging by the outfits on the homepage, “Lands’ End Canvas” roughly translates to “J.Crew clothes but cheaper.”

6. Take this outfit, for example:

It’s like, “J.Crew? Is that you?”

7. Most of the pieces are under 100 bucks.

8. Apparently “closed back thongs” exist.

9.The vibe of their shoe collection is comparable to Anthropologie but not quite as expensive. Check out these booties:

10. Did I mention the stuff is cute? And from Lands’ End? Still getting over that one.