Mark Wahlburgers?!?! 10 Celebrity Pun Businesses We Wish Existed

wahlburgers 082611 m jpg
Those crazy Wahlbergs. Mark and Donnie are opening a new burger joint in their hometown, Boston, and guess what they are calling it? You guessed it. Wahlburgers. Even worse, they even had to do some legal maneuvering to secure this name, since the chain Tom Wahl’s was already offering a burger that name. Luckily, the situation has been resolved and the new joint will be opening soon. The chef? Mark and Donnie’s older brother, Paul Wahlberg.

This got us thinking. The world of celebrity pun restaurants is largely untapped! Since there is obviously a ton of money to be made here, keep clicking for some restaurants (and a few food products) that celebs need to get cracking on, like, now.

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