Land Yourself A Big Strapping Man With This Perfume

Leave it to a Harvard guy to figure out a way to market male attraction to women. That’s exactly what Ivy League grad Shaan Hathiramani and his team of “researchers” did by creating a new fragrance called Eau Flirt, which they claim will do all the work of attracting men. “We’ve also conducted kind of uh, clinical studies to figure out what get guys excited,” said Hathiramani. Apparently the answer is: pumpkin and lavender, two of the main notes of Eau Flirt. (We would have guessed beer, pizza, the smell of plastic packaging on a new Sony Playstation, etc.) Too bad Hathiramani didn’t spend as much time researching what attracts women to buying products; the package design and marketing for Eau Flirt are an Eau Disaster. Need more convincing? After the jump, see a “very scientific” example of how men seem to prefer Eau Flirt over Chanel No. 5. [Huffington Post]

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