11 Ways Ladies Can Prepare For Hurricane Irene

Come on, Irene! If you live on the East Coast, you have no doubt been hearing nothing but OMG A HURRICANE IS COMING!!! for the past 24 hours and are kinda sick of it already. Alas, you should probably be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store this weekend. We know ladies who read The Frisky are smart cookies, so you’ve probably already stocked up (or are planning to stock up) on candles, a flashlight, bottled water and non-perishable food to get you through the hurricane. You might think, then, you’ve got all your bases covered. But you would be oh so wrong … To be truly prepared for Hurricane Irene, ladies need to:

  1. Wine. Wine. Lots of wine.
  2. Store your tampons above the potential water line!
  3. Get an LED makeup mirror for when the power goes out.
  4. Preemptively eat the entire carton of Ben & Jerry’s in your freezer, because when the power goes out that stuff is going to melt.
  5. Put all your shoes in plastic containers, just in case.
  6. Three words: condoms and lube.
  7. Stock up on Us Weekly, People, Life & Style, and every other tabloid you can think. You’ll know Angelina Jolie’s friggin’ social security number by the end of this long weekend.
  8. You have clean panties, right? Otherwise, you are doing laundry tonight.
  9. Forbid your boyfriend/hubster from eating Mexican food starting now unless you’re OK with your apartment reeking like Febreeze all weekend. When the water goes out, the toilets won’t flush! (Or fill your bathtub with water so you can manually flush if it comes down to it.)
  10. Buy a crap-ton of batteries. God forbid you have to raid your vibrator to make your flashlight work.
  11. Make sure you laptop, iPhone, etc. are all charged up and that you’ve downloaded a bunch of TV shows and movies from iTunes in advance, just incase the power/internet goes out!

Any other tips for hurricane preparedness for the ladies? Let us know in the comments!

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