Real-Life Witches Balk At “True Blood” & 4 Other Witches Badly Portrayed By Pop Culture

true blood witch main jpg
It’s hard out there for a witch. Hardly anyone takes your religious beliefs seriously and you are the butt of jokes about cauldrons and flying on brooms. But the worst has to be your depiction in pop culture. Wait until you hear the sob story from this coven of witches. A Temple of Witchcraft in New Hampshire griped to CNN that the Wiccan character on “True Blood,” Marnie Stonebrook, is setting a bad example. Marnie Stonebook is “reckless with her powers,” the real-life witches claim, by letting spirits enter her and raising the dead. Real-life witches would never do that. [CNN]

“True Blood” is not the only show that might get cast with a nasty spell if it is not more careful. Check out these other pop culture subjects who’ve pissed off real-life witches and warlocks.

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