Looks Like Ben Flajnik Is The New “Bachelor”

Reality Steve is the guy to go to if you want the inside scoop on “The Bachelor.” For eons, he has been giving accurate spoilers for the show, thanks to a reliable set of sources. So even though this story comes to us via Life & Style (who are reporting this week that Jennifer Aniston is preggers with twins, which seems highly suspect), I’m inclined to believe it. Steve says that Ben Flajnik, Ashley Hebert’s runner-up, has sealed the deal as the next Bachelor. According to him, Ben—who recently was spotted making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt—has been telling friends for weeks that he is the guy 20 women will be competing for. Steve also says that Ben has taken off of work, and was seen shooting footage for the show in San Francisco on Monday.

So what do we think of Ben as the new Bachelor? I’m not sure. He’s cute and cool, and the fact that he runs a winery is sexy. But still, there’s something kind of wooden about him. And he’s so cerebral—I could see him having a hard time with the whole process.

But if this is true, at least it means that Ames—who I saw standing outside a movie theater last week—was telling the truth about not being the guy. Although that means he broke up with Jackie for another reason, which still makes me mad.

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