Is MTV2’s “Lingerie Football League” Totally Disgusting?

This is not a suitable “Friday Night Lights” replacement. On Friday night, MTV2 will premiere its second season of “Lingerie Football League: Friday Night Football.” The concept is fairly obvious from the title. The LFL consists of 12 teams of female players, with names like the Philadelphia Passion and the Los Angeles Temptation, who play 34 minutes of flag football per epiosde while wearing itty-bitty boy shorts and bra tops. The show’s tagline? “This is truly fantasy football.”

I’m just not sure what to make of this.On the one hand, I love that women are getting to play football, with a television audience no less. In my high school, we had a female football player who absolutely loved the game and often lamented that she would have to give the sport up after graduating since there was no way any college program would take her. Participation in sports is linked to higher self esteem and so many other positives for women. And as one LFL player said, “I just appreciate playing football, I don’t care what they put me in.”

However, it totally sucks that to play, these women have to be in booty shorts. And that they are touted for being hot rather than, say, for being good players. Not to mention that the league has allegedly been fined players $500 for wearing “additional garments.” Other former players allege that the league failed to pay medical expenses and charged that, in their contract, they were required to agree “knowingly and voluntarily” to “accidental nudity.”

This phenomenon doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The Lingerie Football League has been going strong since 2009, when it had only 10 teams. The organization has announced plans to launch leagues in Canada, Australia, and Europe. And a Lingerie Basketball League recently popped up in Los Angeles, which we assume has to be related.

What do you think about this?

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