Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Want A TV Show? 8 Concepts For Them.

Courtney Stodden, 16, and her husband Doug Hutchison, 51, are thoroughly enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. So, naturally they are trying to extend it. Everyone’s favorite couple with a 35-year age difference revealed on “The Morning Show” in Australia that they would like a television show. “We’ve been seduced by a lot of producers wanting to do a reality TV show and we’re in negotiations right now with a very prominent producer and we’re talking about the possibility of bringing it to network,” Doug said.

His wife interjected, “It’s going to be a show like no other.”

Whatever will it be? After the jump, 8 ideas for the couple—some reality, some drama. Related: 16-Year-Old Courtney Stodden Calls Her 51-Year-Old Husband A “Tiger” In Bed

  1. “Keeping Up With The Hutchisons.” A straight-forward reality show following the pair as they go about the mundanities of everyday life.
  2. “Age Is Just A Number.” A dating show where hosts Courtney and Doug set up an ambiguously aged bachelor or bachelorette with a slew of potential suitors who are similarly hard to pinpoint on a timeline. No one is allowed to reveal their age—until the bachelor/ette picks the one person they’d like to keep dating.
  3. A reboot of “Baywatch.” Courtney could wear her Pam Anderson swimsuit all the time and, hey, Doug could step into David Hasselhoff’s role.
  4. “Tiger Cakes.” The two lovebirds open a bakery together!
  5. “16 & Pregnant.” Har har har. Courtney’s 17th birthday is in five days, but they could still get in there under the deadline.
  6. “The Most Controversial Couple.” Courtney and Doug have given themselves this title. But are they? Like Jessica Simpson did in the “Price of Beauty,” the couple travels across the globe to places where other relationship taboos are regularly practiced.
  7. “The Real Housewives of High School.” Just sayin’.
  8. A reboot of “Father Knows Best.” Yeah, this is getting mean. I think it’s time to stop.

What kind of show would you want to see this two in?

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