The Good, The Bad & The WTF: A “Bachelor Pad” Cliffhanger

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Last night’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” was two hours of inane fights, tiny bathing suits, and intricate psychological manipulation, with one hot (and one gross) makeout session thrown in for kicks. In other words, it was the perfect mindless, trashy entertainment. Oh, and did I mention that at the end of it all, we were left with a major cliffhanger? After the jump, the good, the bad, and the WTF moments of last night’s episode. SPOILER ALERT!The Good:

  • Synchronized swimming! Hello, Esther Williams, this is one of my favorite sports and I love that the crew had to do this for their challenge. I especially loved how good the guys were—they seriously rocked their routine and looked hot in their speedos while doing it.
  • Erica Rose’s general disdain for the challenge. She said, “The closest thing I’ve done to synchronized swimming is laying out by the pool.” Hey, at least she’s funny.
  • Michelle and Graham. They were kinda cute on their date.
  • People finally wise up that Kasey and Vienna are not untouchable. I’m so happy that Jake is trying to organize a coup because, really, why has everyone just accepted that these two are calling all the shots just be virtue of having the loudest voices? I’m glad that Erica, Blake, and William are receptive to Jake’s plan.
  • Bret Michaels helping Michael and Holly reconnect. Wow, the conversations between these two ex-fiances are still heartbreaking because it’s clear that they are pained by not being together. On their date, Bret’s tour bus pulls up and he talks to them about their breakup, before playing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” These two still clearly love each other and I hope that they can figure it out.
  • Jake shows he’s a pretty good psychologist. Or a master manipulator? Either way, he nails it when he says, “Melissa wants acceptance and comfort more than she wants $250,000. And unfortunately, I need her to stick around.” Luckily, he’s able to talk her off the ledge.
  • Chris Harrison chanes up the game again. By having everyone vote off one guy, while the women are safe.

The Bad:

  • Vienna and Kasey’s fight. Geez, couples can be annoying. Also, did he really just say, “Do you want to have another breakup on national TV?” And then tell the camera in a confessional that she “wants the attention on her.” In some ways, I think these two are perfect for each other because they are both crazy and conniving in exactly the same way. But still, it’s hard to imagine their relationship surviving comments like that.
  • Vienna shoots down Kasey’s anniversary gift. As he gets out a little black box, she says, “Please don’t let it be an engagement ring.” Dang, Vienna. Find out what it is first. If it were an engagement ring, there has to be a more loving way to say, “Maybe we’re not ready for that.”
  • Kasey’s anniversary song. Make it stop.
  • Melissa losing it again. I really hope this girl’s behavior between “The Bachelor” and here shows her that she has a lot of work to do on herself. I mean, more than 5 cast members expressed thinking that she is nuts. Including Michelle Money.
  • Kasey’s shock when he realizes that guys are gunning for him. Wow, he really thinks he’s untouchable, doesn’t he? Did it really take him that long to figure out that someone is going to challenge him for the money?

The WTF:

  • The girls poor diving skills. Really, did four of them just jump feet first with their hands over their head?
  • Erica’s creepy comment about her lips. “I have very nice lips that I keep in shape with injections,” she explained. Nooo! Also, did she really think Jake was going in for a kiss there? He was clearly going for the hug, and I guess went along with it because he kind of had to.
  • That cut to black. After a dramatic musical build of intercutting between Jake and Kasey, Chris Harrison begins to announce who has been voted off. “Kasey …” he says. And then cut. I thought my DVR had messed up, but then I realized that they were leaving us hanging until next week.
  • That final shot of The Mask synchronized swimming. We are so not as taken with the characters as the producers are.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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