Are White Bridesmaid Dresses A Thing Now?

A few years back, one of my friends was having a hard time with the fact that her younger sister was getting married. She felt self-conscious about being dateless to the big event, and so anguished about buying a hot dress to wear. When she emailed me a photo of a dress she finally felt good about, I gasped. It was white and strapless. How do I tell her that it is totally inappropriate to wear white since that, duh, is the color her sister will be wearing? I thought. In the end, I told her it was lovely but suggested that she talk to her sister about it as soon as possible. Her sister flipped. A fight ensued.

So I’m very surprised that recently, two very high profile brides have chosen to put their maids of honor in white. Related: What Your Bridesmaids’ Dress Color Says About You

First, of course, was Kate Middleton, whose sister Pippa wore a slinky white dress while carrying her train. The result: people went crazy over Pippa and her posterior and she became a semi-celebrity.

Then this weekend, Kim Kardashian chose to put her maids of honor, Kourtney and Khloe, as well as bridesmaids Kylie and Kendall, in white. From the photos that have leaked out so far, it’s a little hard to tell who’s the bride. Yep, that’s Kourtney above—not Kim.

So what do you think—are white bridesmaids dresses a good idea or do they distract from the bride?

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