10 Suggested Names For Brad Pitt’s New Hairdo

The lovely Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are on the latest cover of New York magazine, talking about their movie “Moneyball” that opens on September 23rd. Brad looked kinda sexy on the cover—sort of a reversion to his “Legends of the Fall” self. However, inside, I was deeply troubled with this image. What the heck is going on with his hair? After the jump, some names for Brad’s new hairstyle. Which we’re sure will catch on as hardcore as The Rachel.

  1. The Party On The Side
  2. The Kate Gosselin
  3. The Bellevue. With matching straight jacket!
  4. The Wind Machine
  5. The Scissorhands
  6. The Cantilever
  7. The Headbangers Ball
  8. The Mickey Rourkian
  9. The Jolly Madman
  10. The Half Crispin Glover

What do you think of Brad’s new hair?

[NY Mag]

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