Today’s Lady News: Women Gain Weight After Marriage, Men Gain Weight After Divorce

  • Women gain weight after marriage and men gain weight after divorce, according to a new study out of Ohio State University. The data was collected by 10,000 subjects in the two years following a marriage or a divorce. One co-author of the study suggested women may gain weight after marriage because they traditionally have a bigger role in maintaining the household and that affords them less time to exercise. Or, you know, maybe we’re just letting ourself go because we’ve finally trapped a man. []
  • The New York Times takes a look at low-income transgender women who are the victims of “pumpers,” i.e. people without medical training who inject black market silicone into women who are desperately trying to appear more feminine. [New York Times]
  • The Department of Education announced recently it will fine Washington State University $82,500 for failing to report two campus sexual assaults. [Feministing]

  • A judge has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit against Bloomberg LP, a media and financial services firm started by New York City’s mayor, in which pregnant women and new mothers claimed there was a pattern of “mommy-tracking” at the company. [New York Times]
  • On the “two Michelles”: are First Lady Michelle Obama and Rep. Michele Bachmann held to two different standards? [The Grio]
  • How will you define feminism for your future children? [Feministe]
  • Does feminism scare black men? (Answer: no. But you got me to click anyway, Clutch.) [Clutch Magazine]


  • A rare hospital for woman and children in rural Pakistan has provided free health care to over 120,000 patients in its three years of existence. [NPR]
  • Holy gender stereotyping, Toronto Metro! [Sociological Images]

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