The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “True Blood”‘s Revenge Of The Body Snatchers

Last night’s episode of “True Blood” was two-thirds fascinating and one-third filler. The filler part—we finally get the payoff of baby Mikey’s possessed doll plot line. The fascinating parts—well, you’ll have to find out after the jump. So behold, the good, the bad, and the WTF of last night’s episode. And of course, SPOILER ALERT. The Good:

  • Sookie doesn’t die. I guess we knew that’s how it would go, but still. She wakes up to both Bill and Alcide hovering over her. When the first thing she does is ask about Eric, Alcide gets mad and storms out, saying he is “done.” As he should be. Sookie has never given him the attention he deserves.
  • That flash of Alcide’s butt as he gets into bed. Nice!
  • Nan’s awesome line while listening to Jessica cry. “Sometimes I think I should put my career on hold and become a maker, but the past few hours have made me question that.”
  • Sookie’s sexy threesome dream. After drinking Bill’s blood, Sookie has a dream about both him and Eric. In it, she tells them both that she is in love with them and wants to be with them together. After Bill initially says, “I’m the King of Louisiana—I do not share,” he gives in. The scene ends with both guys biting Sookie’s neck simultaneously.
  • Sookie’s amazing outfit in her sexy threesome dream. That floaty red dress with the black heels—totally hawt.
  • Luna’s daughter. When Sam takes Luna and her daughter camping, I was struck by how cool this girl’s style is. Props for those pink Doc Martens. Also, when Sam transforms himself into a bunny so the little girl has a rabbit to pet—very cute.
  • Alcide is 6’6″! I knew Joe Manganiello was tall, but I’m glad someone finally revealed just how tall.
  • Tara isn’t really threatening Sookie with a gun. Nope, she’s just pretending while simultaneously sending Sookie thought messages that Marni/Antonia is holding her captive.
  • Hoyt’s amazing one-liners. Of the door frame he and Jason just fixed: “It looks great, if you ignore the bullet holes and general f**kedupness of everything.”
  • Jason bringing Jessica her stuff. The way he looked all puppy-dog eyed standing in the doorway totally got me.
  • Sookie warns Bill. Their relationship has always been at the center of the show, so I’m glad that the writers are finally shifting back toward focusing on it.

The Bad:

  • Marni/Antonia controlling Eric. Big boo on amazing Eric being her pawn. Also, the blood smeared all over his face grossed me out. Get the man a bar of soap.
  • Jessica returns to her whiny self. Watching her cry uncontrollably to Nan was like watching Jessica from two seasons ago. Her crusty blood tears were also gross.
  • The whole Lafayette possession plot. I just wasn’t feeling this—any of it. A problem, since it was such a big part of last night’s episode.
  • Debbie is back to doing V. Alcide deserves so much better than this girl. And I can’t believe she’s trying to befriend Sookie after almost killing her last season.
  • The lame Festival of Tolerance. Bill is so right, this PR move was so ill-fated. Especially when Marni/Antonia shows up and compels vampires to disembowel some guards in front of the whole gathering.

The WTF:

  • The insanely cheesy special effects as Mavis’ spirit left Lafayette. Really, no one could make that look a little better than the golden hologram lameness?
  • Jessica riding Jason in the back of his truck. Wait a second. Jason brings Jessica her stuff at the door of Bill’s house. She tells him that no one is home because they are all at the Festival of Tolerance. And so … they go out to his rusty truck bed to have sex rather than going to a cushy bedroom upstairs?

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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