An Imagined Conversation With A Leaning Model

Me: Did you want to play that trust game?

Model: What? What trust game?

Me: You know, the one where you fall backwards and have to trust someone to catch you? Model: Oh, no, thanks, I’m just modeling this dress.

Me: That’s OK. I hate that game anyway.

Model: Why? Do you have trust issues?

Me: Whoa, you cut right to the chase, huh?

Model: Well, do you?

Me: I guess. Once I turned away right when my friend Carrie was about to fall and she hit her head on the wall and it kind of ruined our friendship.

Model: I see.

Me: So basically I don’t trust myself to not get distracted by something shiny at a crucial moment in my life.

Model: Maybe you should see someone about that.

Me: Good talk.