What The Location Of Your Mess Says About You (And How To Fix It)

We’ve learned what a mess says about you, but have you considered the impact of where that mess is located? Author and environmental psychologist Sally Augustin, PhD, sheds some light on this surprising revelation. (And yes, we’ve learned lots from this!)
Mess location: The entryway

Chances are you are: Extroverted

“A mess in an entryway that contains personalizing items [think knick-knacks, photos, art, etc.] communicates a need to clearly and immediately establish information about themselves to their visitor,” Augustin says. “People with this sort of mess are also apt to be extroverted and interested in establishing a bond with visitors. Personalizing items also establish territory.”

What to do about it: Extroversion isn’t a bad trait! But have you been welcoming so many people in your home that you don’t have time to tend to your own needs? Then it’s time to put “you” on your calendar. Make it a habit to clear up clothes, jackets, and other “drop off” items that you leave by the door when you get home and for when you are leaving. As much as you enjoy welcoming guests into your own home, your entryway should be equally welcoming upon visitor arrivals. Read more…