The Frisky’s Top 12 Ebay Finds Of The Week

In this week’s lineup of can’t-miss items: school supplies for the kids (or the kids-at-heart) and a nighttime essential that’s finally seeing the light of day. [The Inside Source] 1. Tufted Leather Sofa in Kiwi: Old-world meets new in one of the biggest interior design trends this season: Vintage-inspired furniture shapes decked-out in modern fabrics and colors, like this tufted leather style in super-bright kiwi. (eBay search keywords: tufted sofa)

2. Build Your Own Surfboard: Surf culture reigned this summer, and at the heart of it all is a love of the authentic. Collecting boards is one thing, but carving your own, well, it doesn’t get any more grass roots than that. Start now, and you’ll be up and riding in time for next season. (eBay search keywords: build your own surfboard)

3. 1973 AMC Postal Truck: Fine dining has gone mobile, and Gap is the latest to jump on the gourmet food cart with its Pico de Gap truck serving tacos in San Francisco. At this point, we don’t want to be the last people on the planet not hocking goods street-side. (eBay search keywords: food truck)

4. Vintage Madonna Photos: Happy birthday, Madge! The Material Girl turns 53 years young today. Take a minute (or ten) to remember some of her greatest moments in music and fashion, including these iconic looks from the ‘80s and ‘90s. (eBay search keywords: Madonna photos)

5. Postcard Print Pajama Top: Taking your bedroom clothes to the street is nothing new in the fashion world. But what was once reserved for pretty little tanks and slips has found its way to the men’s department, with fashionable faces like Rachel Roy and Alexa Chung hitting the red carpet in old-school men’s pajama tops (and in the case of Roy, matching bottoms too). (eBay search keywords: men’s pajama set)

6. Stella McCartney Dress: We have everyone from Prada to Suno to Zac Posen to thank for the recent infusion of vitamin C into our daily fashion intake. But what we love most is Stella McCartney’s spin on the classic citrus print. (eBay search keywords: fruit print pattern)

7. Iosselliani Necklace: Sure, it’s a mouthful, but this Italian jewelry brand is the label to know for fall. Its designers pretty much perfected the beautifully jumbled necklace right out of the gate. Now, they’ve taken on the big, the bright, the beautiful and the bold. (eBay search keywords: Iosselliani)

8. Shoshanna Halter One-Piece Swimsuit: Don’t pack up that swimsuit just yet; it’s got months of wear left, according to the fashionable folks at Vogue, who have a whole series dedicated to pairing your one-piece with maxi-skirts or loose trousers. (eBay search keywords: one-piece swimsuit)

9. Hue by Kelly Wearstler: Wearstler, award-winning interior designer to the stars—and former host of “Top Design” on Bravo—is lending her discerning eye to the fashion world this fall with the launch of her own fashion collection to be sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. We can’t wait to see the results, but in the meantime, we’re flipping through her color-drenched book, Hue, and picturing her bright aesthetic applied to items we can wear. (eBay search keywords: Kelly Wearstler)

10. Giorgio Armani Silk Pants: They took a spin on Tommy Hilfiger’s fall runway, and it seems like before the last model even made it backstage, printed silk pants started showing up on everyone from Margherita Missoni to Amanda Brooks. And why not? They’re airy, they’re graphic and they couldn’t be more comfortable. (eBay search keywords: printed silk pants)

11. Japanese Colored Pencil Set: School supplies have never been this fun. Nurture your artist-in-training—or give your kids a back-to-school treat—with 100-piece set of authentic, professional-quality colored pencils from a century-old Japanese Brand. (eBay search keywords: Holbein)

12. Woven Wool Handbag: A season-less, lightweight woven handbag, like this one from eBay seller Novica made by the Wari of Peru, fits in perfectly with the Native American trend. The fact that it’s lined makes it hugely versatile. (eBay search keywords: Peru woven handbag)