From A Dude: The Top 11 Reasons He Didn’t Call

College Candy | August 20, 2011 - 3:30 pm

We’ve all been burned after giving someone our number. He promises he’ll call. There’s no reason he won’t! I mean, things went really well, right? You had a great time together, tons in common, talked for hours, (or did other things for 5 to 20 minute spurts), and there’s just no way he isn’t into you…But he hasn’t picked up the damn phone! Why? Why not? What the heck’s going on? Well, here’s 11 possibilities for the radio silence that that’s driving you bonkers.1. He’s waiting for you to call. Did he also give you his number? Then maybe he’s waiting to see if you take the initiative. Of course, this scenario works only if neither has committed to be the first caller. But if such is the case then he could very well be playing it cool and waiting to see what you’ll do. Some guys just aren’t able to make the overture…or they’re wusses…or they’re not sure how interested they are so they’re waiting to see if you’ll pursue things. Don’t hate the player, hate the game (I really do a lot of the time).

2. He lost your number. S**t happens. Fell out of his pocket, got ruined in a rain storm, accidentally lit his wallet on fire, his phone broke, and there are about 30,000 other scenarios where you’re number went up in smoke. Might be due to irresponsible habits or just crappy luck. When you put the burden on someone else, you sacrifice a lot of control of the situation. And that’s when life licks its chops at all the mischief to be caused. Read more…