Today’s Lady News: Planned Parenthood Ends Abortion At 3 Arizona Clinics

  • Planned Parenthood will no longer provide medical abortions (i.e. the abortion pill) at clinics in Prescott Valley, Flagstaff, and Yuma due to new state laws that restrict the practice. Anti-abortion advocates wanted clinics that do medical abortions, which involves swallowing a pill, to have the same clinic set-up and equipment as the clinics that perform abortion as surgery. Arizona women will now only be allowed to get medical abortions at the Phoenix and Tucson clinics, which are the only two clinics to do surgical abortions as well. [NPR]
  • Rape victims will not be charged for their rape kits (DNA evidence collected to help police) under legislation signed yesterday by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. []
  • Would America be better off right now if Hillary Clinton had been elected president? Rebecca Traitster at The New York Times Magazine wonders. <[New York Times Magazine]/li>

  • So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” are luring pregnant women into their fake clinics by promising free medical care. [AlterNet]
  • A new health guide called “Freeing Ourselves” has been released for transgender men and masculine-identified women of color by the Brown Boi Project. [Feministing]
  • This daring feminist blogger actually wrote a post defending the controversial new movie “The Help.” Will she ever work in this town again? [Feminists For Choice]
  • General Mills pulled an advertisement from the TV show “Pretty Little Liars” and swears their decision had nothing to do with the show’s lesbian content … and yet the company thanked the anti-gay Florida Family Association in an email for bringing it to their attention. [After Ellen]


  • South Africa has opened its first unit for babies and toddlers in its women’s prisons so incarcerated mothers can continue parenting. [BBC]
  • Meet Eve, the first female Korean professional “StarCraft” player. [After Ellen]

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