The Most Unbelievable Celebrity Death Hoaxes

death hoax jackie chan jpg
Celebrity death hoaxes—it seems like one pops up a month, making it increasingly hard to determine when you should be sad or not when first hear word of a celebrity’s demise. Jackie Chan is the latest death hoax victim. After someone started a R.I.P. Jackie Chan Facebook page, the rumor that the martial arts legend died of a massive heart attack circle the internet like a roundhouse kick. Chan is, of course, not dead. His reps were less than pleased with the vicious rumors, especially since this is the second time this year his death has been falsely reported. How many times does the man have to knock on wood, people?

A celebrity in his late 50s dying of a heart attack is believable, but many celebrity hoaxes are outright insane and often so bizarre that they are hilarious. After the jump, see some of the most unbelievable celebrity death hoaxes in recent memory and just be glad they’ve all been rumors.

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