5 Reasons To Organize Your Closet This Weekend

As I confessed last week, I am a slob, which means my closet usually looks slightly more messy than planet Earth in “Wall-E.” Thanks to a hectic schedule these past couple of weeks, my closet is particularly nightmare-ish right now, but you know what? I’m organizing it this weekend. And I’d love for you to join me. In your own closets, that is. (I mean, you’re welcome to help me in mine but it’s rather small and I’m not sure you’re ready for what we might find in there.) Just in case you need a bit more motivation, here are five benefits to tackling the project…1. You’ll realize you don’t need to buy more clothes.

You know that whole “I have nothing to wear!” situation? The one that can cause morning temper tantrums and lunch break impulse purchases? That feeling rarely has anything to do with the amount of clothes in your closet. In fact, the people I know who most often lament having nothing to wear (myself included) are the ones with the vastest wardrobes. Sorting through a messy closet will help you unearth pieces you forgot you had, weed out the crappy things that are taking up space, and create new outfits out of old favorites. I hate the term “shop your closet” but it’s true that reorganizing can make your old clothes seem new and exciting again.

2. But if you do want to buy more clothes, you’ll know just what to buy.

If you’d rather shop in a real store rather than your closet (understandable), reorganizing your current wardrobe is a great place to start. Once you’ve assessed what you already have, it’s much easier to see what you need. For example, last year I spent nearly every morning in a frantic search for an appropriate work outfit. There were times, I’ll admit, that I considered the possibility of donning a pink sequined miniskirt to a budget meeting. When I finally got around to organizing my closet, I looked at my grouping of work tops and realized they were sorely in need of some respectable bottoms. All it took was one black pencil skirt to create about a hundred new work outfits.

3. You’ll save time getting ready.

Speaking of frantic searches for outfits, there are much better ways to spend your time in the morning (catching up on “That’s So Raven,” for example). An organized closet lets you see all your options and quickly access the basics.

4. You’ll dress better.

The moment my closet becomes a disaster area is the moment my daily outfits get boring. Why? Because I start reaching for the same pieces of clothing over and over, simply because they’re on top of the pile. If you dread the mess in your closet there’s no way you can look forward to getting dressed. Staying organized can help you stay inspired.

5. You will feel super productive.

Set aside a couple hours for the project, maybe invite a friend over to help, listen to music, have a glass of wine. Take before and after pictures–seriously, it’s such a great feeling to just get it done.

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