That’s Not Sexism: Christine O’Donnell Claims Piers Morgan’s Interview Was Sexist

Accusing the courtly British interviewer Piers Morgan of being rude did not seem to work for Christine O’Donnell, so now she is claiming sexism is to blame. “If he was sitting there talking to Barack Obama or Joe Biden or any other male Senate candidates, talking about masturbation and all of this stuff, it would’ve been creepy,” she told the conservative website The Daily Caller. “He kept pressing and pressing and pressing.” Morgan was referring to her publicly-known views about masturbation being sinful, which she compared to adultery on a 1996 MTV special about sex. One would assume the president and vice president have never had to answer questions about masturbation because they have each been discreet enough to keep their opinions on the topic to themselves. If either man had crusaded against masturbation at any point in their careers, I’d bet my firstborn child that the mainstream media would be all over it. Alas, O’Donnell refused to answer Morgan’s questions specifically about gay marriage, repeatedly bobbing and weaving around his inquisitions. Finally, she stormed off the interview in a huff, claiming she had come to promote her new book and not to answer questions revealing her own bigotry about policy issues (which, Morgan said, she discusses in the book). She also told the Daily Caller that Morgan was pushing a “liberal agenda” with his questions. “This is exactly what we went through in the campaign … Liberal media coming in with their own agenda, not wanting to talk about the issues at hand,” she griped.

I don’t doubt this woman and any other woman running for political office has to deal with a stinking heap of sexist BS. That being said, if Christine O’Donnell thinks being pressed to answer interview questions by an interviewer on an interview show is sexist, she’s crazier than we all thought. [CBS News]