Lingerie For Little Girls? Yep, A French Company Went There

Forget about candy-colored bra and panty sets from Target; there’s ickier underwear for little girls afoot. It’s lingerie, to be exact, although the French line Jours Aprés Lunes calls it “loungerie,” because it is for lounging around instead of, uh, looking sexy prior to f**king . Why, praytell, would girls ages four through 12 want to wear lingerie? To look like mommy, of course. This shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as little girls are painting their nails, and getting facials and spray tans just like “big girls” these days. Companies will introduce “new” adult products to little girls any way they can as a way to make more money. However, as the blog points out, it isn’t even the lingerie itself that is so objectionable; the bra and panty sets look “chic” — it is, after all, French — but not “sexy” in a Frederick’s of Hollywood kind of way. Rather, what’s off here is the styling: the young girls modeling Jours Aprés Lunes in their media materials are wearing strands of pearls and lipstick or snuggling teddy bears. (Which is apparently a common icky theme.) I don’t think anyone who still sleeps with a nightlight and picks her nose needs to be wearing lingerie at all. But if you’re going to go there, Jours Aprés Lunes, the least you can do is not make it so kiddie porn-eriffic. [Fashionista]