Julianne Moore To Star In A New “Mad Men”-esque Show

“Dope” is a new television show that sounds like the perfect combination of everything I love—one part “Mad Men,” one part “Breaking Bad,” one part “Bored to Death,” and one part “The Good Wife.” And even better—it will be produced by and star the amazing Julianne Moore. Julianne is developing the show for HBO alongside Todd Haynes, who directed her in “Far From Heaven” (pictured here) and who more recently turned out Kate Winslet in “Mildred Pierce.” Based on the novel by Sara Gran, “Dope” tells the story of a woman in 1950s New York who becomes a private eye, despite her past as a heroin addict. Which sounds pretty juicy to me. And hey, i’s exciting to see a period drama in the works that centers on a female character—and one who is not in a bunny tail or formfitting Pan Am stewardess get-up. [Huffington Post, TV Line]Want to contact the writer of this post? {encode=”[email protected]” title=”Email her”}!