Did Ames Brown Ghost Jackie Gordon After “Bachelor Pad”?

On Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad,” Ames Brown melted our frozen hearts when, rather than continue in the quest for $250K without his new paramour Jackie Gordon, he waved goodbye to the cast and hopped in the limo to head home alongside her. “I think Jackie and I are falling in love,” he said in voiceovers as they cuddled in the limo. “This is the happiest limo ride in ‘Bachelor’ history. We won ‘Bachelor Pad.'” I was hoping, hoping, hoping that the two were still together—and that we each have a fairy godmother and that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But alas, it was not to be. Jackie and Ames have already broken up.

In fact, it sounds like Ames might have ghosted Jackie. Related: Dating Don’ts: Thou Shalt Not Ghost

Apparently, after leaving “Bachelor Pad,” Jackie and Ames headed to Napa Valley for a week-long wine country tour. Then they headed back to New York, where they both live, and began dating very quietly, since Ames was still appearing on “The Bachelorette” at the time. “It ended a little suddenly,” says Jackie. “I was pretty taken aback, kinda knocked down a little bit. I thought that he was the one. I certainly fell in love with him. I feel like the rug was kinda pulled out from underneath me. I feel like we went from perfection and the potential to be the perfect couple to kind of having my heart broken.”


Ames explains that he was authentically very into Jackie. “We hit it off, and seldom are you so explicitly faced with a choice between the possibility of love and the possibility of money. There was no doubt in my mind that I had to choose the former,” he said. So what changed for him? He wouldn’t give details, but explained that something just felt a little off. “She is a really, really great girl, beautiful and charming, and we just weren’t the perfect match in the end.”

I worry that what got to Ames was the whispers that he should be the next “Bachelor.” While Ryan was clearly angling for it on the show and “Men Tell All” special, Ames was the one who got the loudest applause and who the women seemed to respond to the most. Ames isn’t sure he has a chance, but would take it if the offer were extended to him. “I can honestly say nobody has even mentioned the possibility of becoming the ‘Bachelor’ to me. I imagine by now, somebody would have mentioned something,” he said. “I’m at the point in life where I totally do want to get married. And I’m one of those people who says you can’t really go and say ‘no’ to anything if that’s what you want. Somebody said, ‘Come on Bachelor Pad,’ and I just said ‘yes’ because I think you just have to say ‘yes.’ So if producers said, ‘Come on The Bachelor?’ Then I would probably say, ‘Yes.’”

I dunno. I still think it’s pretty unlikely that Ames will be the next “Bachelor.” While he is super sweet, I can’t imagine hours worth of interviews with him—things could get far too twee. Not to mention that, while he’s hot, he always looks confused and perpetually hold his mouth open like a Sheepfish, which just isn’t the most attractive. But sigh, maybe I’m just bitter since I really wanted he and Jackie to work.

What do you think? Could Ames be the next “Bachelor”?


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