5 Celebs With Homophobic Rants Who Were Forced To Apologize

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If a comedian’s act involves saying the same bigotry you’d hear at your local anti-gay “therapy” clinic, he is probably not a good comic. But that hasn’t stopped more than a few funny men from valiantly trying. Adam Carolla (yes, the guy from “The Man Show”) is the latest to say some not-actually-funny things about gays and lesbians. While talking on his podcast about the petition to get Burt and Ernie married on “Sesame Street,” Carolla joked, “When did everybody get lumped in with the f**king gays? When did we start giving a s**t about [transgender] people?” Carolla then made fun of “pre-op, transgender, transneutral, trans fat” people, suggesting they “shut up.” Now, I have a pretty irreverent sense of humor and even I can’t muster a chuckle about this — mostly because it’s not funny. Really, Adam Carolla, that’s the best quip you could come up with when people are trying to get two puppets on a kids’ show to get gay-married? That’s just laziness. After gay rights groups publicly spanked the comic, Carolla later tweeted “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. That being said, I’m a comedian, not a politician.” See my prior notes about jokes having that secret ingredient: humor. [NY Daily News, TMZ] Adam Carolla comes from a long and, uh, distinguished line of celebs who’ve gone on homophobic rants and have been forced to apologize. Famous-feet-in-famous-mouths, after the jump: Related: The 5 Best And Worst Things About Going To Gay Bars With Your Boy Besties
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