Today’s Lady News: New Anti-Abortion Billboard Targeting Blacks Accuses “Betrayal”

  • Another day, another anti-abortion billboard targeted at black women, this time in Atlanta. The latest billboard shows images of pro-choice leaders, like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, with the word “Betrayed” written in red as if it’s dripping in blood. It directs people to the website, which lists statistics that try to portray abortion as a racist plot to eradicate the country of black people. Similar billboards have gone up in Oakland and New York City. [Florida Independent]

  • Women are less interested in science, technology, engineering and math coursework when they are “pursuing romantic goals,” according to a new study by the University of Buffalo. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • New rule: if a man kills his children because he’s angry about his custody arrangement, he doesn’t get to be called a “victim.” [Feministe]
  • The “Manhattan Madam,” Kristin Davis, wrote on her web site yesterday that in 2006 she banned Dominique Strauss Kahn, the ex-chief of the IMF, from using her services because of his “abusive and brutish behavior and excess roughness” with prostitutes in her employ. Strauss Kahn was accused in May of sexually assaulting a housekeeper at a New York City hotel. [Clutch Magazine]
  • A breastfeeding mother was chastised Pure Fitness for Women gym in Spring, Texas, because children, including “boys as old as 12,” were afoot in the gym. [The Stir]

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