“The Real Housewives” Are Going On Tour!

Perhaps one of the most genius ideas I’ve heard all week: “The Real Housewives” are going on tour! For $50 to $170 per ticket — depending on how awesome seat you obtain in Atlantic City, Chicago, or Atlanta — you can witness firsthand what will essentially be a dream “Real Housewives” reunion special. An all-star crew of cast members from the various cities will come together for one night (in each of the three cities above) to dish about the most salacious moments from their respective seasons. After an appropriate amount of gossip is served, tables are flipped, and tears are shed, you will then have the opportunity to get wasted with the housewives at a cocktail party. I imagine they’ll be serving Skinny Girl margaritas and Ramona Singer’s Pinot Grigio. If you need any additional incentive at this point, LuAnn de Lesseps, Lisa Vanderpump, and Nene Leakes are a few of the players who will be there.

I bow down at the feet of Andy Cohen. I finally understand why people get all insane about the Super Bowl. This is my Super Bowl and I will attend by any means necessary.


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