The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “Bachelor Pad” Gets Good. Really Good.

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Bachelor Pad” is quickly making Monday my favorite night of the week. With “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” I always end up asking myself, how does ABC drag this out to last two hours? But with “Bachelor Pad,” there is so much drama! All this is to say that last night’s episode was awesome. Parts had me crying with sympathy, others had me wanting to throw things at my TV, and the final moments were like a heating pad for my heart. After the jump, the good, the bad, and the WTF of episode two. And duh, if you haven’t watched yet—SPOILER ALERT. The Good:

  • Jake having a real moment during the paintball egg toss. When Chris Harrison asked him, “Which girl is the most likely to cheat on you?” he beamed Vienna with his paintball and made sure to let us know that he did this because, well, she did cheat on him. He’s been so focused on trying to show that he doesn’t have any hard feelings toward her and Kasey that it was good to see him actually be mad. It’s okay to be human, Jake.
  • Michael and Holly’s heartfelt convo. I respected that Michael not only brought his ex-fiancé Holly on his group date but that he decided to give her the rose so that they could have a difficult conversation. Watching their raw emotions as they talked got me very choked up. “I don’t know what happened with us,” said Holly, crying. Michael responded, “I really want you to be happy … I still love the s–t out of you, Holly, I really do.” So, so sad. And also, real.
  • Kirk and Kasey’s bromantic moment. When they left the group date with Melissa, the two hopped in a tiny boat. They put their arms around each other. “This will be romantic for us too,” one of them says. Ha!
  • Chris Harrison challenging Vienna. I am so glad that someone called Vienna on her BS. I loved Chris Harrison reminding her that if she was so miserable living in a house with Jake, no one is forcing her to stay there. As she hemmed and hawed at the possibility of leaving—yeah right, and miss a moment of camera time?—Chris changed up the rules and told the group that two women were being voted off tonight, throwing a big wrench in Vienna’s plans.
  • Ames decides to leave with Jackie. Ames and Jackie were so adorable with each other all episode. “I think Jackie and I are falling in love,” Ames said at one point. So when, in the end, she is voted off, he makes a last minute decision. He waves goodbye to the cast and turns around and runs after the limo. What a freaking good dude to realize that meeting someone is worth so much more than money. “We won ‘Bachelor Pad,'” he says in the limo alongside his lady. Please let them still be together.

The Bad:

  • Vienna and Casey need to be put in their place. These two are both so conniving and power hungry. It’s driving me nuts that everyone in the cast—Gia excluded—is playing into their idea that they are running the show. Come on people, they only have power here because you let them. When Kasey said, “I’m like the Godfather,” I almost vommed.
  • Blake leading on Melissa. It totally grossed me out that Blake was not only willing to flirt with Melissa but to make out with her even though he is not interested in her, just to get her to give him a rose. Gross.
  • Melissa losing her s**t. However, Melissa was totally in the wrong to assume that because they made out, she has some sort of dominion over Blake. I’m embarrassed for how psycho she made herselflook.
  • Graham selling Gia out. It bummed me out last episode when Jake made the truly stupid move of giving his rose to Vienna over his friend Gia. So it doubly bummed me out when Gia talked to her friend Graham about how they could poke a hole in Vienna and Kasey’s monopoly and he went and told Kasey all about it. Dude, don’t sell out your friends. Also, how horrible was Kasey in relaying what happened to Gia? Such a bully.
  • Gia leaves. Darn it! I really wanted her to stay and oust Vienna and Kasey. Vienna has done so much wrong to her, from trying to overstep her on dates when they were both on “The Bachelor” with Jake to hooking up with her boyfriend, Wes. It’s time for Gia to get some revenge.
  • That everyone voted for either Jackie or Ella as the woman who needs to go. What? They are two of the only people there who aren’t a**holes. Could no one have had balls and voted for Vienna? No one. Or at least voted for Erica Rose. When everyone had to say who they wanted to go home during the paintball egg game, everyone said her. What happened to that idea?

The WTF:

  • Everyone fronting like they are going to give the prize money to charity. Please, people. This is not a Miss America Pageant. Fake answers do not endear you to anyone.
  • The mean-spirited questions in the paintball egg toss. Did they really have every contestant throw a balloon at the person they found least attractive? I felt so, so terrible when all the guys threw their balloon at Erica Rose.
  • A date to a haunted sanitarium? Yeah, that is a bad idea.
  • Jake, give up. Vienna is determined to keep the animosity between you alive. What were you thinking turning to her and Kasey for votes?
  • Kasey saying, “It’s guard and protect time.” And then making his hideous tattoo dance. Gross!

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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