Andy Richter Prescribes “Two Solid Weeks Of Orgasms” For Michele Bachmann

Jessica Wakeman | August 16, 2011 - 2:40 pm

Andy Richter is one of those comics who is so “whatever,” that when he occasionally surfaces, I’m like, “Oh, yeah, he still exists.” Case in point: last night Richter dispatched this charming tweet to Twitter, “There’s nothing wrong with Michele Bachmann two solid weeks of orgasms won’t cure.” Ah, yes, the old self-congratulatory ‘this woman sucks because she hasn’t been f**ked properly’ narrative. Bow down to the phallus! The penis cures aaaaaall! When other Twitter users called out Richter for his sexist comment, his reply tweet was equally glib: “Many cried ‘misogyny!’ re: earlier Bachmann tweet. I take solace in knowing that as bad as I am, I am half the misogynist she is.”

Um, so you’re admitting to being a misogynist, dude? I don’t disagree that Michele Bachmann has misogynist leanings, or, to put it in Palin-esque terms, she “pals around with” misogynists. But Andy, dear, accusing someone else of being more disrespectful of women than you are isn’t something to brag about. I can’t wait for Chelsea Handler to talk about this foolishness on her show, because whatever she says will actually be funny.


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