Andy Richter Prescribes “Two Solid Weeks Of Orgasms” For Michele Bachmann

Andy Richter is one of those comics who is so “whatever,” that when he occasionally surfaces, I’m like, “Oh, yeah, he still exists.” Case in point: last night Richter dispatched this charming tweet to Twitter, “There’s nothing wrong with Michele Bachmann two solid weeks of orgasms won’t cure.” Ah, yes, the old self-congratulatory ‘this woman sucks because she hasn’t been f**ked properly’ narrative. Bow down to the phallus! The penis cures aaaaaall! When other Twitter users called out Richter for his sexist comment, his reply tweet was equally glib: “Many cried ‘misogyny!’ re: earlier Bachmann tweet. I take solace in knowing that as bad as I am, I am half the misogynist she is.”

Um, so you’re admitting to being a misogynist, dude? I don’t disagree that Michele Bachmann has misogynist leanings, or, to put it in Palin-esque terms, she “pals around with” misogynists. But Andy, dear, accusing someone else of being more disrespectful of women than you are isn’t something to brag about. I can’t wait for Chelsea Handler to talk about this foolishness on her show, because whatever she says will actually be funny.


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