What Was Your Biggest Friend Blowout?

In middle school and high school, it seemed like there was drama with friends every five minutes over stupid crap, like who was copying whose outfit, or who the cutest boy in school liked more. Now that we’re adults — well, most of the time — friend blowouts are few and far between. But when they happen, they are seriously gory. If I flip out on a friend, it has to be over something really major. Sometimes the friendships survive and get stronger and sometimes … not so much. After the jump, some Frisky staffers share their worst friend battles in recent history. Share yours in the comments.

The last major friend-pocalypse I got in was over a wedding. It was the wedding of a friend I had known since I was eight and I was not invited. The unfortunate part was that I just so happened to be in town the same weekend as the wedding. A bunch of my really close friends were invited, including my ex, who I am still friends with. The part I was pissed about was not that I wasn’t invited, but that no one had the courtesy to tell me what was going on while I was in town. Everyone was sneaking around behind my back. I even scheduled a little get together at a bar and no one showed up because they were all “busy” (aka “at the wedding”). I was also upset that my ex, who I introduced to the bride while we were dating, got an invite instead of me. To add insult to injury, I found out about the wedding from my mom who heard about it through the gossip mill. Eventually my ex came forward and spilled the beans, but I already knew and was already pissed. I got in a fight with him, the bride, and my childhood best friend. All involved apologized to me, and it is now water under the bridge now, but, man, it was BAD. — Ami

My best guy friend and I are no more. We were super-close since we were 14 years old. There was nothing sexual about it, ever; we were almost brother and sister, really. We had a huge blowout about three years ago when I hooked up with one of his friends who had a girlfriend.  That guy was cheating on his girlfriend with me and I got pissed off when he lied to me and said he’d broken up with her so I told the girlfriend about the cheating.  My best friend was livid — but only at me.  The guy in this situation who had been cheating got off scot-free. It was only me who my best friend got mad at.  So I got angry about that, and my best friend and I went back and forth fighting about this for several months before he finally stopped responding to emails or text messages. Now we don’t talk anymore at all and I certainly do not consider him my best friend anymore. I haven’t heard from him in years. But I know for a fact that he still hangs out with that guy friend of his. This, my friends, is called the sexual double standard! — Jessica

When I was in my early 20s, I lived with my best girlfriend Sara. Sara was never home though, because she was always with her boyfriend at the time, Brian. But! She would do annoying inconsiderate roommate things like leave tons of dirty dishes for me in the sink and then disappear for three or four days at Brian’s house. I was annoyed with that stuff, but I think what I was secretly more upset with was that I was feeling majorly dissed by my friend and it was manifesting itself in all of our stupid house stuff. So one day, we had a major blowout where I told her how fed up I was with her being so inconsiderate. We eeked out living with each other for another couple of months but were both relieved when our lease was over. THEN we both happened to be traveling in Mexico together with our respective boyfriends. My boyfriend and I made a stop over in Oaxaca where Sara was living with Brian and spent a really awkward night or two. I felt like our eight years of friendship was definitely done. The following fall, Sara came to me and apologized to me for the way she had been acting, and admitted that she had been taking our friendship for granted. We’re going on 20 years of being friends now. — Julie

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