The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “True Blood” Gets Witchy With It

Last night, I found myself a little bit confused while watching “True Blood.” I kept thinking, Was that scene bad because it turned my stomach and/or made me want to throw things? Or good because it was totally unexpected and makes for a cool plot twist? At more than a few points, I just couldn’t decide. So after the jump, my final conclusions on the good, bad, and WTF moments of the episode “Spellbound,” with asterisks next to the ones I waffled on so you can tell me what you think in the comments. The Good:

  • Jason saves Jessica in the best intro to the show ever. Just as Jessica flings open the doors to step outside during the day, Jason swoops in through the white light and saves her. She turns on him at first and is about to bite him, but as the witch’s spell wears off, she gives him a super sexy, arched-back kiss. Nice!
  • Sookie and Eric’s woodland adventure.*** When Eric takes his chains off, he needs blood to heal. Sookie offers him hers. In return, he gives her some of his. Cue a super trippy high-on-V scene where they step into the shower and snow falls on them. And where Sookie’s bedroom becomes a dark forest with a bed in the middle of it.
  • A surprising connection. I liked that the werewolf pack leader is the ex-husband of Sam’s new girlfriend. Didn’t see that one coming.
  • Jason’s way of dealing with Jessica’s advances. He rescinds her invitation to his house and starts doing push-ups. So classically Jason.
  • The vampire versus witch showdown.*** I liked the image of Sookie, Bill, and Eric facing off against Marni, Tara, and company. But are they all crazy? This is mutual assured destruction. But props to Bill for protecting Tara from Pam.
  • Alcide saves Sookie. Yes, let it finally be his turn!

The Bad:

  • More with the silver chains. I thought those the burning and sound effects last week were gross as the vampires put them on. But surprise! They were even grosser coming off.
  • Alcide and Debbie’s werewolf pack. Is it just me, or do most of the members look like they could be in a Southern rock band?
  • Jessica kills Hoyt in her imagined breakup.*** When he says “I’ll die without you,” she responds, “Well, die then,” and slams his head into the counter in a spray of blood—I actually screamed.
  • Hoyt’s actual response to Jessica’s breakup. While I’m glad he didn’t grovel like she dreamed he would, the Hoyt I know and love wouldn’t have been so cruel to Jessica saying he wants someone who isn’t eternally a virgin and rescinding her invitation to his house, sending her flying out the door.
  • Lafayette is possessed now.*** Finally, we got the backstory on the woman whose spirit is in the doll. Apparently, she had a baby with a white man and he killed the baby lest the town find out about their affair.
  • Eric’s brutality in the witch showdown.*** Wow, did he just rip out a heart? And is he gobbling on a police officer like he’s a buffalo wing? Gross!

The WTF:

  • Was Jessica blonde in that first scene? Her hair color sure seemed to fluctuate wildly in this episode.
  • The ubiquitous Alexander Skarsgaard nudity. I laughed out loud when they showed him getting up to put a log on the fire. No reason for that shot beyond getting another look at his butt.
  • Tara’s realization. She is a smart cookie. So how did she only realize after casting the spell with Marni that they were attempting to kill vampires?
  • Sookie saying she is in love with Eric. Will one of her friends give her a talk on rushing into things?

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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